ACO ESR Positions

ESR 1 Novel multi-band cryogenic receivers based on T+MMIC technology for mm-astronomy applications.

Supervisors: Prof. L. Piccirillo (University of Manchester, UK) & Dr. S. Amiri (POAM Ltd, UK)

ESR 2 Cryogenically integrated Ultra-Wideband(UWB) antenna and LNAs for the next generation radio-astronomy receivers.

Supervisors: Dr. S. Amiri (POAM Ltd, UK) & Prof. L. Piccirillo (University of Manchester, UK)

ESR 7 Molecular fractionation, the link with the Solar System small bodies.

Supervisors: Prof. C. Vastel (University Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3 - IRAP, France) & Dr. F. Fontani (INAF, Italy)

ESR 12 Laboratory experiments and theoretical computations on the gas-phase destruction routes of interstellar molecules: ion-neutral reactions.

Supervisor: Prof. D. Ascenzi (University of Trento, Italy)

ESR 16 Statistical analyses of astrochemical Big Data.

Supervisors: Prof. S. Viti & Prof. J. Yates (University College of London, UK)