ACO Meetings

Network Meetings

  1. First Network Meeting: Kick-off meeting 13-14 May 2019

UGA-IPAG, Grenoble-France

  1. Second Network Meeting: May/June 2020 - online

Part I, ESRs presentations: every Tuesday from May 5th to June 16th. More info here.

Part II, Project and WPs presentations: June 22nd and June 23rd. More info here.

Reviews with European Commission (REA)

More info here.

  1. Third Network Meeting: 8-10 June 2021 - online

ESRs presentations. More info here

4. ACO Network Meeting Year 3: 9-11 May 2022

Sitges, Catalunya, Spain More info here


26 and 27 January 2023 at IPAG More info here

ESR Plenary Meetings

Every month starting from November 2020

  1. Introduction on the monthly meeting, round table (18 November 2020)

  2. Presentation from Stefano Ferrero : "Binding energies", elections for new representatives (16 December 2020)

  3. PI presentation/information, Discussing and planning ESR outreach (20 January 2021)

  4. Journal club : André Schutzer & Ross O'donoghue (19 February 2021)

  5. Remaining part of the presentation by André Schutzer and Ross O'donogh with discussion, round table : presentation of the ESR to Babak Mohammadian and Simon Ferrada (19 March 2021)

  6. Journal club : Aurèle Germain and Lorenzo Tinacci, discussion about potential short visits (16 April 2021 )

  7. General topics, Franciele Kruczkiewicz talk (21 May 2021)

  8. PI has clarified the financial aspects about thesis extensions and schools/conferences that are not organized by ACO, Marcus Keil presented his recent work, The ESRs have discussed the VR project together with Caterina Boccato (15 October 2021 )

  9. Clarification from Marie Gogibu on short visits, ACO 4th network meeting and secondments, Presentation by Ross O'donoghue on his recent work, Discussions on the VR project document and tasks (19 November 2021)