Thesis title: Novel multi-band cryogenic receivers based on T+MMIC technology for mm-astronomy applications.

Supervisor: Prof. Lucio Piccirillo (University of Manchester)

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Shahram Amiri (POAM Electronics Ltd)

Recruitment Institution: University of Manchester, UK

Doctoral School: University of Manchester, UK

Mobility: The ESR will spend 3 months at POAM Electronics Ltd at Manchester (UK). In the last months of the thesis, ESR 1 will carry out tests at the IRAM facilities in Grenoble (France).

Eligibility: European and non-European students who not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, ect.) in United Kingdom for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the recruitment date.

Thesis description:

The objective of the thesis is the design and realization of a novel ultra-low noise cryogenically cooled receiver to be used in radio/mm telescopes, after the ACO project duration. Specifically, the objective is to build an integrated receiver based on a T+MMIC cryogenic amplifiers working between 30 and 70 GHz. Several options will be explored for the first stage, including superconducting devices.

The thesis is part of the ACO network, whose ultimate goal is to reconstruct the early history of the Solar System by comparing presently forming solar-type planetary systems with its small bodies. The comparison will be based on the most advanced astrochemical knowledge, which will be developed by the interdisciplinary ACO team.