ACO Year 1 School

First ACO Network School:

2 to 20 December 2019 at Perugia (Italy)

This three-week school consisted of several courses in the multiple disciplines involved in ACO plus hands-on projects. Its goal was to provide a common ground to PhD students and prepare them to the highly interdisciplinary environment of in astrochemistry and the Solar System formation.

The school was mandatory for all ACO PhD students and was open to a limited number of PhD students from Europe.

Overview of the courses:

  • Instruments to detect and study molecular lines in the radio to millimetre

  • Astronomical observations and modelling

  • Star Formation and birth of the Solar System

  • Comets and meteorites

  • Experimental and theoretical astrochemistry

  • Information technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence

  • High performance computing techniques

  • Enterprise management, start-up, risk assessment

  • Courses on transferable skills