ACO Year 3 School


This school is the last one of ACO project.

It consists of scientific courses given by the ACO ESRs, plus courses from external teachers ex-PhDs working in the private sector, and hands-on session. The hands-on goal is to teach and train on writing job applications and CV.


Date : 2-6 May 2022

Place : Sitges, Spain. Calipolis Hotel

SOC : C. Ceccarelli, L. Podio, A. Rimola, N. Balucani

LOC : Albert Rimola (Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona), Ana Lopez-Sepulcre (IRAM), Marie Gogibu (UGA)

How to arrive at Sitges

The venue where the events will take place is Hotel Calipolis ( Av. Sofia, 2, 6. Sitges (BCN, Catalonia, Spain). It is easy to reach on foot, irrespective if you arrive by train or bus.

  • How to arrive at Sitges:

  1. From BCN airport (TERMINAL 1), there is a direct bus. Here you have the link for the bus schedules: . You should choose a line including both “Sitges” and “aeroport” in the pathway. E.g., Vilanova-Les Roquetes-Sitges-Aeroport de Barcelona-El Prat de Llobregat-Hospitalet de Llobregat

Please, note:

Origin stop: El Prat de Llobregat / Terminal

Final stop: Sitges / Passeig Vilanova

If you arrive at Terminal 2, you can either take a bus shuttle to go to Terminal 1 and take the bus or, alternatively, take the train as explained below.

  1. From Barcelona Sants train station or from BCN airport (TERMINAL 2): Here you have the link for the train schedules: The train company is RENFE, category of rodalies/cercanías, and the line R2. Do not take neither the metro nor FGC. They will not lead you to Sitges!

  • COVID situation: Now, the COVID is relatively under control, and the rule of thumbs is that wearing mask in outdoor and indoor sites is not mandatory. However, it is mandatory in public transports, and this means that you are obligated to wear mask in the train and the bus. For the rest of places, wearing masks is voluntary.

Sitges, Catalunya, Spain

Hotel Calipolis

The meetings will take place at Calipolis Hotel (Av. Sofia, 2, 6, 08870 Sitges)

Program (see below)

  • 17 hours dedicated to ESR lessons (45 min + 15 questions)

  • 15 hours dedicated hands-on sessions

  • 2 hours of Invited speakers: Joana Santos & Toni Macià.