ACO Virtual Reality School

Date : July 5-9, 2021

Place : Padova, Italy

Teachers : Andrea Cottinelli, Marco Dima , Laura Leonardi, Salvatore Orlando, Caterina Boccatto

The aim of the school is to explore tools and practices for the realization of 3D navigable models of astrophysical objects/phenomena (possibly using VR/AR equipment) and to share them by performing endearing storytelling to funnel ideas, theories, findings of the recent scientific research. These activities are functional to the realization of material for public education and outreach related to the ACO Project.

Classes provide the students with tools for designing a project for the visualization of 3D models, shading, texturing, animation, storytelling, etc.

The themes and questions that will be developed include: - Design of 3D navigable models - Tools for the preparation of models (mesh and texture): ParaView, MeshLab, MeshMixer, GDL/IDL. - The sketchfab environment (editing of models), including VR/AR - Blender - Design of an endearing storytelling



Location :

The School will be held in Aula Rosino - Ex-Rizzato DFA Department of the University of Padova, in Vicolo osservatorio 5 - 35122 Padova

The students and ACO teachers must arrange their travel and stay.

Accomodation & meals :

The School will provide the lunches and coffee breaks for the students, the teachers and the Local Organising Commitee, from Tuesday to Friday morning (note that the lunch is not provided on Friday).

You will find below a suggested list of hotels located near the school.