Practical information

* If you need help or more information please contact Dr. Noelia Faginas-Lago (*

Venue (map)

Dipartimento di Chimica, Biologia e Biotecnologie

Università degli Studi di Perugia

Via Elce di Sotto 8

06132 Perugia, Italy

How to reach Perugia

By train :

This is, in general, the best way to reach Perugia. If you come from the North, you can get a train from Turin, or Milan or Florence to Perugia. From the Perugia station, you can then get a bus to go the the city center and/ot the school venue at the University, Department of Chemistry.

Two train companies arrive to Perugia:

By plane :

If you cannot by train and decide to come by plane (and to inject lot of CO2 into the atmosphere), then the best is that you arrive either to Rome-Fiumicino or Florence airports. There is also a Perugia airport (Aeroporto internazionale dell'Umbria - Perugia) but there are very few flights and they are expensive, so we do not advice to arrive there.

From Rome-Fiumicino Airport you can reach Perugia city by either train, along the Roma (or Tiburtina)-Perugia line (please check departures from "Fiumicino Aeroporto" to Perugia here or bus (with the SULGA company: departures from Fiumicino Airport to Perugia: 9:00, 12:30, 14:30, 17:00 and fewer rides on Sunday). Please consider that from Rome-Fiumicino Airport to Perugia it will take about 3h30 hours (or more). You can also rent a car to get to Perugia and it will take about 2h30.

By car :

• From highway A1, north: take Valdichiana exit and continue to Perugia along E45

• From highway A1, south: take Orte exit and continue to Terni and Perugia along E45

• In both cases, when you are next to Perugia, San Faustino exit is recommended. Then follow the signs towards the city center. Free Parking place is available near the stadium from where a minibus leaves to the city center.

Arrived in Perugia, you can call a taxi, +39 075 5004888, or get the dedicated app “SMART TAXI” (best choice if you don’t speak Italian), downloadable at taxi

Where to stay in Perugia

If you are an ITN-ACO student: you do not have to worry for that, you will be lodged in small apartments of 3/4 rooms from the 1th to the 21th December. We will communicate to you the apartment where you will stay in due time.

If you are an invited teacher: we will reserve an hotel for you. If you did not receive a mail from the ACO Project Manager yet please contact ACO-trinity ( .

If you are an ITN-ACO teacher or tutor a non-ACO student then you have to find the lodging by yourself. There are many possibilities depending on your budget.

In general, we advise you to stay not far from the city center: remember, Perugia is a real 3D city, you do not want to climb every day to reach the school!

Here is a short list of convenient/suggested hotels close to the city center and school venue:

Please note that if you are not an ACO student, you must take care of your expenses by yourselves (travel + housing + meals), except for the lunches and coffee breaks that will be free for every attendee during school days.

For more information please contact Dr. Noelia Faginas-Lago ( or