Past events

Machine-learning meets Chemistry

17-18th of February 2020 - Chemistry Department, University of Torino

The Chemistry Department of the University of Torino organizes the Colloquium: “Machine Learning meets chemistry”, to be held on the 17-18th of February 2020 at the Chemistry Department.

The consensus on the applicability of Machine Learning (ML) techniques within the chemistry community has been so rapid that it is urgent for the chemists (teachers, researchers and students) to grasp, at least, the basic foundations and applications of ML in diverse fields of chemistry. To fulfill that objective, the invited speakers will deliver talks for a general non-expert audience with the purpose to stimulate possible involvement/collaboration in the ML field.

The “ML meets chemistry” workshop belongs to the PhD Programme in Chemical and Materials Sciences of the Doctoral School of the University of Torino.

Attending this event is completely free, but registration is mandatory to facilitate the organization of the event.

We invite you to join the Colloquium at this link. Please register as soon as possible.