ACO ESR Positions

ESR 1 Novel multi-band cryogenic receivers based on T+MMIC technology for mm-astronomy applications.

Supervisors: Prof. L. Piccirillo (University of Manchester, UK) & Dr. S. Amiri (POAM Ltd, UK)

ESR 2 Cryogenically integrated Ultra-Wideband(UWB) antenna and LNAs for the next generation radio-astronomy receivers.

Supervisors: Dr. S. Amiri (POAM Ltd, UK) & Prof. L. Piccirillo (University of Manchester, UK)

ESR 3 Prestellar cores, the first step towards the molecular complexity.

Supervisor: Prof. C. Vastel (University Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3 - IRAP, France)

ESR 4 Hot corinos as analogues of the early Proto Solar Nebula.

Supervisors: Dr. R. Neri (IRAM, France) & Dr. A. López-Sepulcre (IRAM and University Grenoble Alpes, France)

ESR 5 Molecular complexity in protoplanetary disks.

Supervisors: Dr. C. Codella & Dr. L. Podio (INAF, Italy)

ESR 6 Outflow shocks: a unique laboratory for astrochemical studies.

Supervisor: Dr. B. Lefloch (University Grenoble Alpes - IPAG, France)

ESR 7 Molecular fractionation, the link with the Solar System small bodies.

Supervisors: Prof. C. Vastel (University Paul Sabatier Toulouse 3 - IRAP, France) & Dr. F. Fontani (INAF, Italy)

ESR 8 Quantum chemistry computations of analogues of water amorphous ice covering interstellar grains, and binding energies of important interstellar molecules plus IR spectra.

Supervisor: Prof. P. Ugliengo (University of Torino, Italy)

ESR 9 Quantum chemistry computations of the diffusion and reactivity of atoms and light radicals on the surfaces of interstellar grains.

Supervisors: Prof.. A. Rimola & Prof. M. Sodupe (Univ. Autonoma Barcelona, Spain)

ESR 10 Laboratory experiments and modeling on the radical-radical and radical-neutral reactivity on the interstellar grains.

Supervisors: Dr. P. Theulé (Aix-Marseille Univ. - LPIIM, France), Prof. F. Dulieu (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Paris, France) and Dr. A. Ivlev (Max Planck for Extraterrestrial Studies, Germany, Germany)

ESR 11 Laboratory experiments on the gas-phase formation routes of interstellar molecules: neutralneutral reactions.

Supervisor: Prof. N. Balucani (Univerity of Perugia, Italy)

ESR 12 Laboratory experiments and theoretical computations on the gas-phase destruction routes of interstellar molecules: ion-neutral reactions.

Supervisor: Prof. D. Ascenzi (University of Trento, Italy)

ESR 13 Quantum chemical computations on gas phase neutral-neutral reactions of interstellar molecules.

Supervisors: Dr. N. Faginas-Lago (MASTER-UP, Italy) and Prof. M. Rosi (University of Perugia, Italy)

ESR 14 Modelling the molecular shocks induced chemistry.

Supervisor: Prof. S. Viti (University College of London, UK)

ESR 15 Gas-grain models and artificial intelligence application to improve astrochemical reaction networks.

Supervisors: Prof. C. Ceccarelli (University Grenoble Alpes - IPAG, France), Prof. P. Ugliengo (University of Torino, Italy) and Dr. S. Chiadò (Vastalla Srl, Italy)

ESR 16 Statistical analyses of astrochemical Big Data.

Supervisors: Prof. S. Viti & Prof. J. Yates (University College of London, UK)

ESR 17 A new model of the Proto Solar Nebula: organic and molecular fractionation chemistry.

Supervisors: Prof. C. Ceccarelli & Prof. P. Beck (University Grenoble Alpes - IPAG, France) and Dr. P. Caselli (Max Planck for Extraterrestrial Studies, Germany)