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Q1: I applied to an ESR position in the precedent call: can I apply for the same position again?

A1: No, you can not. You can apply to a different one, though, if you think your application is competitive enough.

Q2: Can I apply for more than one position?

A2: Yes, you can apply to multiple ESR positions by sending your application to the appropriate emails.

Q3: Where will I spend the period of my thesis?

A3: You will spend most of your time at the institute that recruits you, unless differently specified in the page dedicated to the description of the ESR. Having said that, you will spend 6 months in another institution of the ACO network for a secondment training.

Q4: Am I obliged to participate to all events of the ACO network?

A4: Yes, participation to the ACO network events is mandatory.

Q5: Should I have a Master degree by the day I apply?

A5: No, you need to have the Master degree at the time of the enrollment. In your application, write when your Master degree is planned and provide all useful information, for example the marks of the Master you have available at the date of your application.

Q6: Should the reference letter be sent by the candidate or separately by the referent?

A6: Both solutions are fine.